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Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT)

D. Dennehy Ltd. carry out Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing (CVRT), on behalf of the Road Safety Authority (RSA). This annual test ensures all commercial vehicles are maintained to a safe and roadworthy standard. The testing equipment used is compliant with all relevant regulations and legislation and all tests are carried out by professional, certified and experienced technicians. We carry out both LCV and HCV tests. More information on CVRT can be found by clicking on the link here which will take you to the CVRT website.

The fastest way to make a CVR test appointment with us, is to use the web links below to take you directly to the official CVRT website portal.

For a Light Test (LCV) - Please click here
For a Heavy Test (HCV) - Please click here
For an ADR test (ADR) - Please click here


If you are just enquiring with regard to making a booking with us, please fill in the details across and we will make contact with you as soon as possible.

Remember to allow at least 3 weeks between the date you book and the test date to ensure availability. A member of staff will contact you to confirm your booking request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of tests do we carry out?

A: We carry out both LCV (light commerical vehicle) and HCV (heavy commercial vehicle) tests to include vans, trucks, trailers, camper-vans, buses, ambulances.  We are also an ADR test centre, the annual test required for vehicles/tankers that transport Hazardous Goods.

Q: When should the vehicle be tested?

A: All commercial vehicles should be tested on its first birthday (on or before its 1st  Date of Registration) and every year thereafter. Camper-vans follow the NCT schedule of testing, i.e. four years after the date of first registration and every two years after that until the vehicle is ten years old when it will require annual testing.
Camper-vans registered prior to 01 January 1980 are not subject to periodic roadworthiness testing at this time.

Q: What is required to carry out a test?

A: The vehicle, the vehicle presenters ID (drivers licence or passport), the vehicle paperwork if it has been just imported into the country, and the appropriate test fee.

Q: What if a vehicle fails?

A: A “Fail Report” will be issued to you. This allows 21days or 4000kms whichever comes first to have the repairs made and represent the vehicle for retest. If a vehicle is re-presented outside the 21 days or has 4000kms since the initial test a full test will be carried out at the full price.

Q: What if my vehicle fails on a minor fault i.e. blown bulbs, headlamp aim?

A: We can quote you for any rectifications required and if instructed by you most minor faults can be rectified while you wait thus saving you returning for a retest.

Q: What other services do you carry out that are examined under the test?

A: we also carry out Tachograph Installation /Calibration, Speed Limiter Installation/Calibration and Weight Plate Fitting



Our Service department has a lot to offer, both in terms of the services they provide but also in their expertise and knowledge of the commercial vehicle sector.

Here's a sample of what you can expect:
ADR Testing, DOE/CVT testing, Contract Maintenance Scheduling, Tachograph Calibration, EU plating, Crash Repairs, spray painting...


Our Parts team has an in-depth knowledge of the different parts we specialize in. This knowledge combined with our vast quantity of parts on stock is our greatest strength.

We have a wide range of genuine parts for Iveco, Hino, MAN and Isuzu vehicles, from mechanical components to body parts. Included in that, we are stockists for BPW and ROR (meritor) axle systems.

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Vehicle Sales

With a great lineup of vehicle manufacturers to choose from; Iveco, Isuzu, Hino and LDV, we hope we can help you make the right choice.

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It's in difficult economic times like this, that many businesses choose to rent (long or short term) instead of purchasing vehicles. With long/short term rental contract/leasing options available, this could very easily be the way to keep your business costs down.

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